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Alchemy Scan kit box for Brain Scan Package



Cognitive Function Bioenergetic Analysis

Pinpoints stress and imbalance in eight distinct brain areas, detailing the impact on cognitive function.


Neurotransmitter Profiling

Identifies key neurotransmitters out of balance, crucial for understanding emotional and cognitive health.


Food Sensitivity Analysis

Tests for food sensitivities that may affect brain health, providing insights into dietary impacts on cognitive stress.


Hormonal Influence Analysis

Examines key hormones that influence brain health, aiding in understanding hormonal impacts on the well-being of our brain.


Stress Factor Assessment

Evaluates significant stress factors such as bacteria, sleep issues, thyroid problems, parasites, chemicals and many more that could impact brain function.


Emotional Blocks Evaluation

Identifies emotional blocks impacting cognitive health, acknowledging emotional factors affecting wellness.


Tailored Remedy Testing

Tests unique remedies to support individual brain health, addressing specific stressors or imbalances.


Personalized Health Modalities

Analyzes health modalities personalized to enhance cognitive health, such as dietary changes, acupuncture, breathwork, chiropractic, and more.



Digital copy of results available 2-3 weeks after lab receives samples. Easy to follow for practical implementation.

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