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Your Bloodwork Is "Normal." Now What?

Updated: May 14

Bloodwork samples for blood testing

It's true that blood tests often provide a snapshot of health at a particular moment, but they may not always capture underlying issues, especially if the body is compensating or if the root cause lies elsewhere.

Understanding the intricacies of blood chemistry reveals that while standard blood tests may indicate normalcy, they might not fully capture underlying health issues, especially when the body is adept at compensating or when problems originate from sources beyond the blood. 

Food sensitivities, for instance, can be quite dynamic and tied to various physiological factors like gut health and immune function. 

Hormones, likewise, are interconnected with multiple systems in the body and can be influenced by factors ranging from stress levels to diet and environmental exposures.

A holistic approach to health is essential, one that considers not just isolated biomarkers but also the broader context of a person's lifestyle, environment, and overall well-being.

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